Quan Feng Aquatics Malaysia S/B is set up in 2009 with a land of size of 3 acres, 19 huge mud ponds, and 12 large concrete ponds and near 300 fish tanks with an estimated production of 2000 – 3000 superior pure-breed strains of Arowana fries per year.

The start of a new era began with the passion of a humble young man with the strongest determination to produce the finest breed and strains of Arowanas. CEO, MR. Andrew Ong is a symbol of quality as well as the reflection of an entrepreneur's foresight and vision. Carrying a dream of being the best in the region he built everything from scratch with minimal help to a fully facilitated farm.

Andrew Ong is one man with most knowledge with his Arowana breeds. With his own flavorable experiences, he is able to bring it across to share and influence them with everyone Collaborating closely hand in hand with Department of Fisheries (Malaysia) and apart from choosing the most perfect strain for breeding projects, Quan Feng Aquatics Malaysia S/B also do extensive research on DNA, hereditary gene and purification in order to produce and supply the best of the purest breeds with the most reasonable prices, making them available to people from all walks of life with the same passion and interest as us thus breaking the myths that arowana keeping is only for the rich.

Being a recognized CITES registered company ( A­‐MY­‐561) with the Geneva in 2013, we are able to import and export own produced and premium selected arowanas to various continents, mainly China, Taiwan ,Vietnam , Korea, Japan and many more. All our offsprings are tagged and will be given a certificate of authencity so quality are assured. In addition to servicing wholesalers, we sell direct to hobbyists in Malaysia

Incorporating the best and latest technology and ideology, Quan Feng Aquatics Malaysia S/B continue to excel in being the best in the region that are able to provide premium quality to everyone and stay above the industry standards. To view and experience our products and services, please visit the farm during office hours.

Should you have any queries about our farm, products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.