• Export Procedures

  • Step 1 : Customer are required to issue Purchase Order (PO) to specify quantity, size and fish type. PO needs include :

    1. Customer’s full company name
    2. Company’s address
    3. Contact number (Fax No and Telephone No.)
    4. Destination Airport
    5. Date of Shipment ( 5 days in advance)

    Step 2 : Quan Feng Aquatics reserve flight space from cargo agent and apply Certificate Of Origin and Certificate Of Health from Department of Fisheries of Malaysia.

    Step 3 : Proforma invoice will be faxed to customer and customer has to make the payment by Telegraph Transfer or Direct Bank Transfer to Quan Feng Aquatics bank account 4 days in advance.

    Step 4 : Quan Feng Aquatics will order the fishes from suppliers and quarantine at Quan Feng Aquatics to investigate that all exported fishes are free from diseases.

    Step 5 : On the day of shipment,

    1. Invoice
    2. Packing List
    3. Airway Bill
    4. Certificate of Origin
    5. Certificate of Health

    will faxed to customer for goods withdrawal.